ActivityTracker vs Apple’s Health & Fitness Apps

ActivityTracker is the perfect fitness companion that motivates you to better yourself, with an emphasis on weekly activity. The app is not limited to monitoring steps, it can be set up to show what’s most important to you, be it Steps, Calories, or Distance.

ActivityTracker is a complement to Apple’s Health and Fitness apps. It reads data from the Health app and keeps track of steps, calories, distance, active time, and flights of stairs climbed, as Apple’s apps do, but displays data in a new way, with beautiful and detailed graphs. It can take you from monthly totals (even years back) to hourly data, with just a few taps.

The app features an independent Watch app for watchOS, with complications and independent Settings. It has beautiful Widgets. The iPhone app also has a Trends overview with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly averages.

It is free to use with advertising and offers an advanced PRO version without ads and with additional features.

ActivityTracker vs Apple Health

The Apple Health app is a repository of health & fitness data, it aggregates data from the iPhone and any existing Apple Watches but also from other apps that write data there.

The Apple Health app tracks among other metrics your steps and it can tell you how many steps you took today or one month ago. It can tell you if you are beating your daily or yearly averages and its highlights are very good.

However, you have to dig down into the Health app to uncover your steps, there is no Watch app, no Widgets, no reminders to get up and walk, no achievements, and so on.

What ActivityTracker brings to the table:

  1. Ease-of-use. The stats on ActivityTracker are displayed front and center. You can select the main metric as either Steps, Calories or Distance
  2. Beautiful Widgets. Select from one of the 5 new widgets.
  3. Watch app. Beautiful Watch app with advanced complications.
  4. Weekly Totals
  5. Motivational Notifications
  6. Achievements (Weekly Report)
  7. Weekly Target. ActivityTracker has a Weekly target instead of a Daily target so you can afford having slow days.
  8. iMessage extension

ActivityTracker vs Apple Fitness

The Apple Fitness app is an activity & workouts app designed for the Apple Watch. It has a iPhone app with the same name where all data is aggregated, and three Watch apps: Activity, Workout, and Mindfulness.

In the Apple Watch / Activity app the user can see the Calories burned, Exercise minutes and Stand hours and it can set daily goals. From the Workout app it can start workouts.

What ActivityTracker brings to the table:

  1. Focus on Steps. The Apple Fitness app is focused on Calories and Exercise minutes. ActivityTracker is focused on Steps and can also be setup to focus on Calories or Distance.
  2. Doesn’t require a Watch. ActivityTracker can run from your iPhone alone.
  3. Weekly Totals. You can see totals not only per Day but also per Week and Month.
  4. Weekly Target. ActivityTracker has a Weekly target instead of a Daily target so you can afford having slow days.