How to Burn Calories at Home

How to Burn Calories at Home

When we generally talk about activities to burn calories we talk about activities that imply going somewhere. Whether it’s going to the gym and working out, going in the park for a brisk walk, going to the beach for a swim and to run on sand or hitting the courts to play basketball.

But did you know that is not mandatory for you to go out in order to get fit? It’s true, you can stay in shape at home. There are tons of indoor activities you can do in order to stay physically active during the day and hence burn a considerable amount of calories.

As you might have imagined it, the first alternative is to combine a variety of moderate or high-intensity workouts that engage several muscle groups in your body. This is definitely an effective solution, but it’s not the only one. You can tone up your body without a vigorous exercise plan: simply by doing household chores. Believe it or not, housework can help you torch that undesired belly fat. Doing lots of cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping will not only help you maintain a clean environment for you and your family, but it will also help you stay in shape.

Read on to discover how many calories you burn by exercising at home and doing household chores. The following calorie burn totals have been calculated for an 165-lbs (75 kg) adult who has been physically active for one hour.

At Home Exercise

Running on the Treadmill: 503 Calories/Hour

When we talk about home gym equipment, a treadmill is a must. This is the perfect machine if you want to run but don’t feel like stepping outside. Running on the treadmill for one hour at a low intensity will burn 503 calories.

A great way to stay motivated is to track your physical activity while using the treadmill. You can do this using a pedometer app like ActivityTracker. The app will show you all the relevant fitness stats, such as the steps taken, the amount of calories burned, the distance covered and the total time spent active. This way you’ll be aware of the progress made and you’ll find the necessary drive to stay on track until you reach your goals.

Stationary Bicycling: 338 Calories/Hour

A stationary bicycle is another great machine for your home gym. In comparison to a treadmill it’s the safer option, since it doesn’t incur the possibility of tripping and falling and it doesn’t put the same pressure on your joints and lower back.

On the negative side, it doesn’t provide the same bone-strengthening benefits and it’s not as efficient from a calorie burn perspective. Using such an exercise bike for one hour, doing low effort, will allow you to burn 338 calories.

Elliptical Trainer: 394 Calories/Hour

If you’re looking to boost your cardio workouts with a low-impact exercise, step on the elliptical trainer. This machine is a guarantee for a full body workout without putting too much pressure on your joints. In comparison to a stationary bicycle it’s more rewarding, since pedaling on an elliptical machine for 60 minutes will result in a 394 calorie burn total.

Rowing Machine: 450 Calories/Hour

This is another efficient exercise equipment for your cardio fitness at home. A rowing machine is a great solution if you’re looking to stay fit and tone up both your upper body (abs, pecs, biceps) and lower body (calves, quads, buttocks). Spending one hour on a rower, doing moderate effort, will help you burn a total of 450 calories.

Jumping Rope Workout: 525 Calories/Hour

If you want to know how to exercise at home efficiently without resorting to gym equipment, this is definitely a solution. It’s simple, because basically all you need is a jump rope and some decent moving space. Jumping rope helps you improve your cardio, tone up your muscles and of course burn fat. Done at a low intensity for 60 minutes, this particular form of exercise will burn 525 calories.

Calisthenics Workout: 525 Calories/Hour

Calisthenics refers to a type of workout that is designed to engage multiple muscle groups and improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. Common exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, planks or squat jumps. Engaging in a calisthenics workout for one hour at a high-intensity will help you get rid of 525 calories.

Household Chores

How to Burn Calories at Home

As already mentioned in the beginning of the article, there are numerous household chores that burn calories. We know, doing housework may not be the most thrilling experience, you can’t really be excited about getting down on your hands and knees and cleaning your home. But you might feel differently once you realize this activity can help you burn some serious calories and lose weight.

Here is a list of household chores that will tone up your body:

Scrubbing the Bathroom: 210 Calories/Hour

Cleaning your bathroom is no fun, but it’s necessary. First of all, because of sanitary reasons. You want to put as much effort as possible to get rid of all the germs and bacteria. Second of all, because all that physical effort will keep you in good shape. Scrubbing the bathroom thoroughly, including the sink and bathtub, will lead to an impressive 210 calorie burn total.

Cleaning Windows: 191 Calories/Hour

If you want to have an impeccable home, cleaning your windows both inside and outside is of the essence. All that wiping and rubbing may be demanding, but it’s definitely worth it when afterwards you take a look at your sparkling windows and also at the calorie burn. After one hour of washing windows you’ll be able to torch 191 calories.

Sweeping: 173 Calories/Hour

Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be mandatory, since you’d directly use the vacuum to sweep the carpets and floors. But sometimes there’s that large surface dirt that’s just easier to pick up with a broom. Doing some carpet and floor sweeping for an hour will allow you to burn 173 calories.

Vacuuming: 188 Calories/Hour

Vacuuming allows you to remove all the undesired dust and dirt from your carpets and, at the same time, to stay fit. All that pushing around, all that constant bending and reaching will pay off. Using the vacuum for 60 minutes will help you burn 188 calories.

Mopping: 188 Calories/Hour

Vacuuming and mopping generally come together. It doesn’t matter how hard you vacuum, there’ll always be dirt and stains that require the intervention of a mop. This activity will not only get your floors to sparkle, but it will also get you fit. Mopping the floors for one hour will burn 188 calories.

Washing the Dishes: 113 Calories/Hour

Not having a dishwasher comes with its perks. Doing the dishes yourself allows you to be physically active and to burn some calories in the process. Moving back and forth from the kitchen table to the sink and rubbing and cleaning a pile of plates, pots and utensils will help you burn 113 calories in one hour.

Light Cleaning: 113 Calories/Hour

Light cleaning involves doing a little bit of everything: dusting, making the bed, taking out the trash and other similar low-intensity household chores. Added up, all these activities can help you burn 113 calories in 60 minutes.